The Cardinal's Sins, the General's Cross, the Martyr's Testimony and Other Affirmations

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Published: December 2007

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336 pages
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  • This volume collects forty essays, articles, reviews, and columns that were originally published in the Philippines Free Press, Asia-Philippines Leader, National Midweek, Philippine Graphic, and other journals.Jaime Cardinal Sin's campaigns for constitutional democracy and good government; Emilio Aguinaldo's struggle with history; Ninoy Aquino's trial and testament on freedom, Christian socialism and love of country – allusions to these accounts give rise to the title, which suggests “the wide range and abundant variety of subjects, topics or themes contained in this book; and all the things you could pick up from reading this compilation: varied kinds of knowledge, ideas, information, argument, commentary, illumination, gratification, aggravation, nostalgia, humor and deja vu.

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    • Gregorio C. Brillantes, Author

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