The Bold Brush of Au Ho-nien

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ISBN-13: 9780939117864
Published: June 2019

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64 pages | 40 illustrations
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  • The Bold Brush of Au Ho-nien features twenty-four paintings by Au Ho-nien (b. 1935), one of today's most celebrated Chinese artists. Known for his ink wash painting, Au Ho-nien is a prominent figure in the Lingnan school, an artistic movement that emerged in southern China at the turn of the twentieth century. Au's work exemplifies the school's ethos of drawing on both Chinese and Western techniques to revolutionize traditional Chinese painting.

    Both the Asian Art Museum's exhibition and its accompanying catalogue will be organized in three sections by theme: figures, landscapes, and animals. The paintings, hanging scrolls dating from the 1960s to the present, are from the artist's own collection.Au Ho-nien was born in Maoming County, Guangdong; he lived in Hong Kong from 1950 until 1970, when he moved to Taiwan. Now in his mid-eighties, he has had a distinguished teaching career and his work has been presented in more than sixty solo exhibitions around the world.

  • About the Author(s)
    • Li He, Author

    • Jay Xu, Introducer