Surabaya, 1945-2010: Neighborhood, State and Economy in Indonesia's City of Struggle

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ISBN-13: 9780824838645
Published: April 2013

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272 pages | illus.
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  • Surabaya, 1945–2010, presents the recent history of one of Indonesia’s great port cities as viewed from a crowded low-income neighborhood (kampung) called Dinoyo. By following the lives of Dinoyo residents over three generations, it provides a new perspective on landmark moments in the country’s modern history, including the war for independence, the destruction of the Communist Party,anticrime campaigns, neigh­borhood improvement pro­jects, the fall of the New Order, and the rise of democracy, as well as more recent government campaigns to fight terrorism and promote urban renewal.

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    • Robbie Peters, Author

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    • Peters presents an intimate perspective on the changes and the resistance that occurs in Surabaya by tracing the story of three generations of people living in Dinoyo neighbourhood.
      —International Association of Asian Studies Newsletter
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