Paperback: $12.50
ISBN-13: 9780947506117
Published: October 2016

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32 pages | color illustrations
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  • From the Book:
    Is he a hippo that looks like a mouse?
    Or, is he a mouse too big for this house?

    Just who or what is Squeakopotamus? And how will the kids, Mum and Dad keep him fed?

    No one yet has ever had a pet like the astonishing, demolishing Squeakopotamus! A memorable tale for younger readers, Squeakopotamus crosses hippo-sized fun and zany illustrations with mouse-proud rhyme, rhythm and a happy ending.

  • About the Author(s)
    • Dawn McMillan, Author

      Dawn McMillan is a much-loved writer of children’s books and educational readers, who lives north of Thames, New Zealand. She has enjoyed a number of successful collaborations with Ross Kinnaird, an internationally recognized illustrator who lives in Auckland. Their I Need a New Bum! (2012) is an international bestseller, and they’ve followed up with popular books Doctor Grundy’s Undies and Mister Spears and his Hairy Ears.
    • Ross Kinnaird, Illustrator

      Ross Kinnaird is an internationally recognized illustrator who lives in Auckland. He has collaborated with Dawn McMillan on a number of books including the best-selling Why Do Dogs Sniff Bottoms? and works regularly with publishers in North America.
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