Singapore Malay/Muslim Community, 1819-2015: A Bibliography

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Published: June 2016

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  • Singapore’s Malay (Muslim) community, constituting about 15 per cent of the total population and constitutionally enshrined as the indigenous people of Singapore, have had its fair share of progress and problems in the history of this country. While different aspects of the vicissitudes of life of the community have been written over the years, there has not been a singularly substantive published compendium specifically about the community – in the form of a Bibliography – available.

    This academic initiative fills this obvious literature gap. The scope and coverage of this Bibliography is manifestly comprehensive, encompassing the different sources of information (print or non-print) about the many facets of life of the Republic’s Malays/Muslims – such as education, economy, politics, culture, history, health, language, religion, arts, and more.

    The result is a Bibliography that is arguably the most expansive, if not exhaustive treasury collection about the community, ever available anywhere. Scholars and researchers in particular and the public in general should find this Bibliography a highly valuable, indispensable source of information about the rich and varied life of Singapore’s Malay/Muslim community, stretching a period of two centuries – from the time of Stamford Raffles in 1819 until today.

    The Editors – Hussin Mutalib, Ph.D. (a senior academic with the National University of Singapore), Rokiah Mentol, and Sundusia Rosdi (former senior librarians with Singapore’s National Library Board) – are assisted by professional and experienced librarians.

  • About the Author(s)
    • Hussin Mutalib, Editor

      Hussin Mutalib is a senior academic of the Political Science Department, National University of Singapore.
    • Rokiah Mentol, Editor

      Rokiah Mentol is a former senior librarian with the National Library Board, Singapore.
    • Sundusia Rosdi, Editor

      Sundusia Rosdi is a former senior librarian with the National Library Board, Singapore.
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