Seoul's Historic Walks in Sketches

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ISBN-13: 9781624121111
Published: August 2018

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344 pages | illustrations
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  • Seoul is a rapidly changing city, the epitome of the latest trends and technology. But looking closely in between the skyscrapers, there lie hints that reveal an alternate story, a story of a 600-year-old capital city. Seoul’s Historic Walks in Sketches discovers and brings to life these stories. From the Joseon era’s palaces and fortresses to modern skyscrapers of glass and steel built on historic sites, the author’s pencil sketches bring forth a new dimension of Seoul. Accompanying the illustrations are his insightful, witty commentaries on local history that go a long way in presenting readers with a captivating view of the unknown city, a city almost exotic in its mystery.

    A city, its architecture and its history: 15 must-see attractions in old town Seoul

    Through the Joseon Dynasty (1392–1910), Japanese colonial rule, the Korean War, industrialization, and democratization movements, countless stories of the changing times have been engraved in the nooks and crannies of Seoul. This book is a retrospect of the forgotten city of Hanyang (old Seoul), reviving the history once lived within the four ancient great gates.
    Many of the places covered in this book are among Seoul’s most famous landmarks and popular tourist attractions, yet the sagas unraveled at each destination impart an unconventional perspective. The author’s remarkably discerning eye notices and depicts the minute details most would miss around the city. For those unmoved by the textbook photographs and dry histories of existing guides to Seoul, this book’s intimate charm is sure to please.

    The ever-changing city of Seoul: Sites and stories unfamiliar even to locals

    It would be an understatement to say that this book is only dedicated to tracking down the historical traces of Seoul. As the author says, “Seoul isn’t an antique—it’s an ever-changing organism.” He discusses the recent changes that have proven significant to the city and introduces hidden attractions around the city, from an ecological park on a skyscraper rooftop to evidence of historical figures cleverly hidden in amongst the buildings. Seoul Historic Walks in Sketches contains extraordinary and unmatched insight into the city.

  • About the Author(s)
    • Janghee Lee, Author

      Janghee Lee majored in urban planning and studied illustration. He contributes illustrations and columns for several local newspapers and magazines. His books in Korean include Tour of New York: Sketching the Landscape, America: Meeting a Thousand Freedoms, and Tree Tales.
    • David Carruth, Translator

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