Rookie Directors I

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ISBN-13: 9788991913523
Published: September 2011

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248 pages
  • About the Book
  • While most volumes in the “Korean Film Directors” series focus on the work of single directors, this book introduces the work of five new directors on the Korean cinema scene. Each of the five has made works of high significance to Korea’s independent film environment that has become diversified in the midst of the Korean film industry’s attempts to progress to a high degree of industrialization since the beginning of this century.

    Noh Dong-seok, Kim Dong-hyun, Min Boung-hun, Kim Tai-sik and Cho Chang-ho are noteworthy newcomers whose works, each made in different environments, show plenty of potential. These directors have very different backgrounds and personal histories, and bring about meaningful meetings with the audience armed with their own unique visions. […] The value of independent films does not lie solely in the aspects of the system and the market. The foremost reason independent films must stay robust is because the root for discovering new directors and cultivating the leaders of future cinema lies in their realm.

  • About the Author(s)
    • Jang Byung-won, Author

    • Choi Eun-young, Author

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