Our Planet Is Nature's Stage: A Volume of Poems that Are Plays for Our Planet's Stage

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ISBN-13: 9788991913011
Published: September 2011

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111 pages
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  • “Our Planet is Nature’s Stage” is the tenth poetry volume by Zen Master Chang Sik Kim. Each poem portrays a scenario that has been played out on the stage that is our planet. All the elements of Earth, from its mountains to its oceans, act out these scenarios. All the components of the Universe serve as the audience to the many stories that appear and are played out on our planet Earth. The poems can be read individually, but they are intended to be taken as a whole, chronologically, to tell the story of our planet Earth. The poems tell the stories of the births and lives of all kinds of life on our planet. As always, Zen Master Kim’s poems show how all things are interconnected. He shows emotional expression throughout his images, whether they be human or stone. Common everyday occurrences, such as the sun rising, are depicted as magical events.

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    • Chang Sik Kim, Author

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