Night’s Disappearance: Short Story

Paperback: $18.00
ISBN-13: 9786029144451
Published: December 2015

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132 pages
  • About the Book
  • In a Gus tf Sakai story, nothing is as it seems. The unexpected is always happening. Supernatural events occur in ordinary settings, turning lives and reality on end. A three-hundred-year-old Torajan mummy refuses to stay dead. A painting takes on a life of its own and paints the painter. Gus tf Sakai’s esoteric tales range across the myriad cultures of the Indonesian archipelago, crossing time and space. They lure the reader into their mystery and reveal the author’s deep sense of humanity, leaving us deeply involved in the lives and predicaments of his characters.

  • About the Author(s)
    • Gus tf Sakai, Author

      Born in West Sumatra, Gus tf Sakai is a prolific writer often regarded as one of Indonesia’s leading contemporary writers. Although he first studied veterinary science at university, he soon changed course to pursue a literary career. He has published several novels as well as numerous novellas and collections of short stories and poetry.
    • Toni Pollard, Translator

    • Ian Campbell, Translator

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