Native Cultures of the Pacific Islands

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ISBN-13: 9780824811822
Published: January 1989

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184 pages
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  • Even before Western contact, the Pacific Islanders inhabited nearly every island north and east of Australia – a thousand distinctive peoples. This overview of the cultures of the Pacific Islands treats their physical setting, prehistory, activities, and social relations before European influences subjected them to radical changes. It is intended mainly for college-level students in courses dealing with the region, but Native Cultures of the Pacific Islands will also be enjoyed by those interested in the Pacific Islands and by visitors to the Pacific.

    The book is an abridgement of the author’s larger, two-volume work, Oceania: The Native Cultures of Australia and the Pacific Islands. Native Cultures of the Pacific Islands contains a number of maps and illustrations from the larger work.

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    • Douglas L. Oliver, Author

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