Nanzan Guide to Japanese Religions

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ISBN-13: 9780824830021
Published: October 2005
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Published: December 2022

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432 pages | 5 b&w illustrations
  • About the Book
  • The Nanzan Guide to Japanese Religions combines, for the first time in any language, state-of-the-field theoretical and critical discussions with concrete resources students and scholars need to conduct research on Japanese religions. Even seasoned scholars typically approach their research in an unsystematic manner, becoming familiar with a particular area of inquiry while remaining largely unaware of what exists in the rest of the field. This inefficient method hinders particularly less-experienced researchers and circumscribes their lines of inquiry. The Nanzan Guide provides both beginners and specialists with a reference that will serve as a basic introduction to Japanese religions and allow them to conduct research more proficiently and in greater depth.

    Overlapping and thought-provoking chapters, written by leading specialists, offer a variety of perspectives on the complicated and multifaceted field of Japanese religions. The essays are divided into four sections: religious traditions (Japanese religions in general, Shinto, Buddhism, folk religion, new religions, Christianity); the history of Japanese religions (ancient, classical, medieval, early modern, modern, contemporary); major themes (symbolism, ritual and the arts, literature and scripture, state and religion, geography and environment, intellectual history, gender); and “practical” essays (finding references and using libraries, working with archive collections, conducting fieldwork). A chronology of religion in Japanese history is also provided.

  • About the Author(s)
    • Paul L. Swanson, Editor

      Paul L. Swanson is a Permanent Research Fellow at the Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture, Nanzan University.
    • Clark Chilson, Editor

      Clark Chilson is assistant professor of religion at Pacific Lutheran University.
  • Reviews and Endorsements
    • Straight off. This is a substantial work which promises to define ‘Japanese religions’ as a field for some time to come.
      Japanese Religions
    • For this anthology of critical essays written by some of the best scholars in the field, the editors have conceived a broad outline of Japanese religious history combined with detailed analysis of a number of subfields, time periods, and methodological suggestions for evaluating data relevant to the field. . . . For scholars of Japanese religions, this book’s extensive summary of the state of scholarship is the best available in English, both as a reference tool and as a required text in undergraduate and graduate courses in Japanese religious history.
    • There is nothing like the Nanzan Guide for combining state-of-the-field theoretical and critical discussions on the major aspects of Japanese religions with concrete guidance on the available resources. . . . This volume represents a new genre of academic publication: a research manual for newer students and experienced scholars alike, packed with important materials on major topics and delivered in clear and authoritative language by experts in the field.
      Paula Arai, Carleton College
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