Maui: How It Came To Be

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ISBN-13: 9780824805302
Published: September 1980

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168 pages
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  • Ancient geologic events come to life through clear description and artistic vision in this dramatic and fascinating story of Maui's birth and development. This book provides basic knowledge to enhance the experience of exploring Maui by describing how the island emerged, was formed, and is still being shaped by nature's forces of volcano, wind, and water. It also tells how human forces have changed the island. By furthering your knowledge of the land, you will gain a better understanding and deeper feeling for it as you learn the geologic past of familiar landmarks.

    Maui–How It Came to Be is one of several collaborations between Will Kyselka and Ray Lanterman. They earlier produced the successful and widely acclaimed guide to astronomy, North Star to Southern Cross. Their books are noted for clear and accurate presentation of scientific findings to the general reader.

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    • Will Kyselka, Author

    • Ray Lanterman, Author

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