Marshallese-English Dictionary

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ISBN-13: 9780824804572
Published: May 1977

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632 pages
  • About the Book
  • The Marshallese-English Dictionary contains almost 12,000 entries giving information on an estimated 30,000 Marshallese words. Built upon the information collected in earlier dictionaries, its entries are enriched with grammatical information and illustrative sentences. Many words not previously recorded have been added, both older words dealing with the lore of the islands and newer words that reflect the changing circumstances of life today. Following the recommendations made by a committee of Marshallese leaders in 1971, the words in this dictionary are spelled along traditional lines, but spellings have been regularized phonetically by computer.

    An English Finder List is provided to enable the user to easily locate terms for navigation, currents, weather, food preparation, games, and other important aspects of Marshallese culture. A special section lists more than 4,000 place names in the Marshall Islands. Scientific identifications are given for the names of plants, marine life, animals, and stars and constellations.

    Created to fill the need for a comprehensive dictionary in programs of bilingual education in the schools of the Marshall Islands, this work will also be of use to anthropologists and linguists specialising in the Pacific.

  • About the Author(s)
    • Takaji Abo, Author

      Takaji Abo works in the Office of Planning and Statistics of the government of the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Formerly he was a high-school teacher and writer of curriculum materials.
    • Byron W. Bender, Author

      Byron W. Bender is a professor of linguistics at the University of Hawaii. He previously worked as a language instructor and adviser in the Marshall Islands. He is the author of Spoken Marshallese.
    • Alfred Capelle, Author

      Alfred Capelle is chair of the commission on language and customary law for the Republic of the Marshall Islands.
    • Tony DeBrum, Author

      Tony DeBrum has served as secretary and minister of foreign affairs of the Republic of the Marshall Islands and is currently a senator in the Nitijela, the island legislature.
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