Lim Soon-rye

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ISBN-13: 9788991913349
Published: September 2011

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128 pages
  • About the Book
  • Lim is a director who signaled the emergence of a new kind of sensibility in Korean film. Through her debut film “Three Friends,” she brought the issue of ‘individuality’ and ‘dailiness’ into the embrace of Korean film. Lim’s film gives attention to the life of the individual itself while simultaneously rousing awareness of reality. In this book you can trace Lim’s changes and her footsteps in her search. Rather than analyzing the forms of her works through a novel viewpoint or methodology, just follow how Lim has moved forward step-by-step through her search and experiments through a pathway that leads to Lim Soon-rye, who has built her own aesthetic world within contemporary Korean cinema.

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    • Lee Yoo-ran, Author

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