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Published: July 1993

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88 pages
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  • Liliuokalani is a play about the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy and the annexation of the Islands by the United States. Playwright Aldyth Morris became intrigued with the story in 1929, when she came to make her home in the Islands—Hawaii had been an American territory for only thirty-one years and its last monarch had been dead for only twelve. But loving memories of Queen Liliuokalani, amounting almost to reverence, were very much alive.

    After more than sixty years of living in Hawaii, Mrs. Morris captured the story in dramatic form. Following early years of asking questions and listening to the answers, and of reading books, articles, and diaries, Mrs. Morris saw clearly the story that must be told. She shares it with us, with sensitivity and respect for the characters involved.

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    • Aldyth Morris, Author

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