Learning Japanese for Real: A Guide to Grammar, Use, and Genres of the Nihongo World

Hardback: $62.00
ISBN-13: 9780824834821
Published: March 2011
Paperback: $30.00
ISBN-13: 9780824835408
Published: February 2011

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368 pages | 7 illus.
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  • Concise descriptions of grammar, use, and genres make Learning Japanese for Real indispensable for adult learners of the language. The volume presents a holistic view of the knowledge required for proficiency in Japanese. Following introductory chapters on the language’s background, sound system and scripts, word types, and grammatical categories, it introduces readers to simple then complex sentences. A chapter on emotive expressions contains highly useful entries on attitudinal adverbs, exclamatory phrases, interjections, and rhetorical questions—all of which carry emotive meanings.

    Learning Japanese for Real then goes beyond grammar to discuss how the language is used in interaction. The author discusses communication strategies such as requesting, apologizing, and inviting as well how to interact when participating in a conversation with behaviors such as hand signals, bowing, and nodding. She considers metaphor, tautology, puns, and the lingering effect of yojoo before addressing the organization of Japanese discourse, including the four-part organizational principle of ki-shoo-ten-ketsu and the structure of “staging.” The final sections feature authentic examples of popular culture discourse from manga, television, advertising, magazines, and cell-phone novels and a host of practical suggestions (methods, tools, resources) for learning Japanese.

    Learning Japanese for Real will become an key source for Japanese language students during their elementary, intermediate, and advanced training. As an essential anthology of grammar, use, and genres of the Nihongo world, teachers of Japanese will also find it invaluable.

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    • Senko K. Maynard, Author

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