Learn Japanese: New College Text; Volume 2

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ISBN-13: 9780824808815
Published: October 1984

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360 pages
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  • After fifteen printings, the Learn Japanese: College Text series has been substantially revised. The incorporated revisions grew out of the authors' decade and more of classroom experience. Revisions were also made in accordance with recommendations proposed by instructors who have used the Learn Japanese series. The new edition, which reflects recent trends in language teaching, continues to emphasize an integrated approach in which speaking, hearing, reading, and writing Japanese all contribute to the language learning process.

    – The most significant improvement is the addition of Culture Notes to help clarify the sociolinguistic context in which the language is used. Since Japanese modes of communication are highly situational, the student of Japanese needs to be made aware of the different contexts in which speakers interact. Culture Notes, used in conjunction with Grammar Notes, Dialogs, and Useful Expressions, show how an understanding of cultural values and human relationships can enhance the student's mastery of language skills.
    – A new approach to language learning is used throughout the revised edition. The new sociolinguistic approach (which encourages the “generation of discourse”) is integrated with the original pattern approach (which encourages the “generation of sentences”).
    – Many components of the first edition, such as Sentence Patterns, Grammar Notes, and Reviews, have been revised and/or rearranged. The result is a clearer, more natural, and more functional presentation of the Japanese language.

    The four volumes of Learn Japanese: New College Text were prepared by the Asian Division of the University of Maryland University College and are published by the University of Hawaii Press.

  • About the Author(s)
    • John Young, Author

    • Kimiko Nakajima-Okano, Author

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