Kokopu Dreams

Paperback: $18.00
ISBN-13: 9781877266317
Published: December 2007

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230 pages
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  • “When the fire started to die down, Sean said goodbye to Uncle Wire, to his family, to the place that had been his home, and started out across the paddock. It was an eight-kilometre walk into Ngahere, about two hours. He could have driven, but the keys to both his car and Uncle Wire’s truck had been in the burning houses, and hot wiring vehicles was not among his life skills. Instinct kept him moving slowly, giving him time to get his head around the things he suspected he’d find. Sean’s dread grew with every step.”

    When a mutant strand of the calicivirus wipes out his family, friends, and community, Sean is motivated by his instinct to survive. Driven by dreams and expectation, Sean sets off with his horse and dog. Where is he going? What will he find? And who are the crazy Maeroero messing with his head?

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    • Chris Baker, Author

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