Kim Ki-Young

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Published: September 2011

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144 pages
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  • Born in Seoul in 1922, Kim Ki-young graduated from the Dentistry School of Seoul National University. After working both as a performer and as director his own performances, he debuted as a film director in 1955 with “The Box of Death.” This was followed by more than 30 film works, including “The Housemaid” (1960), “The Sea Knows” (1961), “Woman of Fire” (1971) and “Chungnyeo” (1972). A retrospective session of Kim’s works was prepared for the 2nd Pusan International Film Festival, and with this event his unique works were rediscovered. Later, Kim’s works gained a new group of exuberant fans from Japan, US, Germany, France, and many other places. Kim was preparing for a new movie when he passed away with his wife in 1998 in a house fire. After his death, Berlin International Film Festival held a retrospective event in his honor, while France’s Cinematheque screened 18 of his works. Part of Kim’s lost films were rediscovered and restored in 2006.

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    • Kim Hong-joon, Author

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