Kauai: The Separate Kingdom

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ISBN-13: 9780824811624
Published: April 1988

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320 pages
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  • Here finally is a readable, thoroughly researched, and generously illustrated history of the island of Kauai. Edward Joesting tells for the first time the story of one of the most intriguing and least known of the Hawaiian Islands. His account begins with the prehistoric origins of the island and concludes with the annexation of Hawaii in 1898.

    Kauai describes the early emergence of Kauai as an island separate and distinctive from the other islands of Hawaii. It recounts the coming of Western man, the failure of King Kamehameha to conquer the island, and the ultimate incorporation of the island into the Hawaiian kingdom. Joesting also includes in his story the destructive impact of the sandalwood and whaling trades, and the subsequent rise of an economy based on sugar cultivation. His story comes to an end with the demise of the Hawaiian monarchy and the quiet revolution that occurred when Hawaii became a territory of the United States.

    Historical documents not previously used bring new information and fresh perspectives to this book. The result is a level-headed, engaging look at Kauai. Kauai: The Separate Kingdom is certain to become the authoritative history of the island long regarded by many as the most beautiful in the Hawaiian archipelago.

  • About the Author(s)
    • Edward Joesting, Author

      Edward Joesting is the author of Hawaii: An Uncommon History. In collaboration with the photographer Ansel Adams, Joesting wrote two other books on Hawaii. He is also the co-author of Hawaii: A Pictorial History.
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    • A rare treat, an historical tale so fascinating and well told that the reader can hardly put it down.
      Pacific Historical Review
    • Clearly written and rich in anecdote.
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