Japanese Woodblock Printing

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ISBN-13: 9780824825539
Published: February 2002

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128 pages | color illustrations
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  • Of all the sophisticated traditional arts and crafts of Japan, woodblock prints are probably the most widely known in the West. The bold yet refined compositions are as fresh to the Western eye today as they were when they first came to the attention of the Impressionists in the nineteenth century. With their fluid lines, intricate carving and delicate colors, Japanese prints are still as fascinating as ever.

    In this book, Rebecca Salter takes us through the history of the Japanese woodblock, discusses the materials, tools, and papers available (and their Western equivalents) and shows how to get the most out of them through interesting step-by-step projects. The work of an international group of artists shows the varied and exciting prints being produced today.

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    • Rebecca Salter, Author

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