Japanese Studies in the United States and Canada: Continuities and Opportunities

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Published: November 2007

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250 pages
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  • This study looks at Japanese studies in the United States and Canada at the beginning of the twenty-first century. It reflects the life experiences and academic training of the people who identify themselves as Japan specialists, and the structures that have been created to house and nurture the study of Japan over the past six decades. It encompasses both Japan specialists and Japanese studies insitutions and presents the current situation not only by looking at new survey data, but also by comparing that information with what has been collected and analyzed at several previous points in the relatively short history of the field.

    The Japan Foundation is the Japanese government’s agency for cultural diplomacy and international cultural affairs. Established in 1972 by special legislation in the Japanese Diet, The Japan Foundation became an Independent Administrative Institution in October 2003. Its mission is to promote international cultural exchange and mutual understanding between Japan and other countries. It maintains its headquarters in Tokyo and operates through a network of 19 overseas offices in 18 countries worldwide.

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