Japanese Communication: Language and Thought in Context

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ISBN-13: 9780824818784
Published: June 1997

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268 pages
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  • In an accessible and original study of the Japanese language in relation to Japanese society and culture, Senko Maynard characterizes the ways of communicating in Japanese and explores Japanese language-associated modes of thinking and feeling.

    Japanese Communication: Language and Thought in Context opens with a comparison of basic American and Japanese values via cultural icons–the cowboy and the samurai–before leading the reader to the key concept in her study: rationality.

    Writing for those who have a basic knowledge of Japanese language and culture, Maynard examines topics such as masculine and feminine speech, swearing, expressions of ridicule and conflict, adverbs of emotional attitude and the eloquence of silence. Maynard provides a refreshing and entertaining perspective for interpreting contemporary Japan, sometimes in contrast to the United States.

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    • Senko K. Maynard, Author

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