Insects of Hawaii, Volume 16: Coleoptera: Coleoptera: Carabidae: Part 1: Introduction and Tribe Platynini

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ISBN-13: 9780824823566
Published: January 2001

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504 pages | 287 illus.
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  • This work establishes the means to identify the nearly 130 species of Hawaiian carabid beetles of the tribe Platynini, which constitutes a monophyletic radiation. The native Hawaiian platynines represent almost half of the carabid fauna, and this volume is the first of three intended books that will taxonomically treat all of the native and introduced carabid species found in the Hawaiian Islands. In addition to presenting identification keys, diagnostic characters, habitus photos, and distribution maps for Hawaiian Platynini, an introductory section details the history of carabid beetle study in Hawaii and provides a key to the tribes of native and introduced Hawaiian Carabidae.

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    • James K. Liebherr, Author

    • Elwood C. Zimmerman, Author

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