In Medias Res: Essays on the Philippine Press and Media

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ISBN-13: 9789715426800
Published: July 2013

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320 pages
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  • Widely acknowledged in the journalism community as an authority on media and press issues especially journalism ethics and professional standards, Luis V. Teodoro has selected for this volume some of the most relevant and most thought-provoking essays ever written in this country on the complexities of journalism and media practice in the Philippines.

    What makes the essays in this book unique is their being authored by a practitioner who is at the same time an academic. This has allowed Teodoro to examine such issues as the killing of journalists, the use of criminal libel to silence critical practitioners, the need for public media literacy, the impact of the media ownership system on press performance, the education of journalists and other concerns, from the vantage point of the practitioner and teacher, as well as the engaged observer of the problems, challenges, and opportunities in the Philippine press and media.

    While an invaluable guide in understanding the state of the Philippine press and media, this volume also demonstrates that knowledge of the ethical and professional measures used in the evaluation of media performance is critical in enabling readers, viewers, and listeners of both the old and the new media to judge the press and media for themselves.

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    • Luis V. Teodoro, Author

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