Human Rights Centered Development

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Published: June 2006

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300 pages
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  • Defeating poverty is one of the greatest challenges many countries face today. Countries throughout the world pursue development strategies, plans, and policies, which have thus far been unsuccessful in uplifting the poor from their misery and vulnerability. Perhaps what is missing in current development efforts is a focus, not on macroeconomic indicators but, on the human persons in society, and the full integration of human rights norms and standards into all phases of development.

    Human Rights Centered Development provides a framework for development policy, planning, budgeting, and programming that focuses on human rights. It contains human rights tools for analysis that may be applied to all aspects of the development process. It presents human rights norms and standards in simplified checklists, outlines, and diagrams. This manual offers the possibility of truly defeating poverty.

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    • Maria Socorro I. Diokno, Author

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