How Asians View Democratic Legitimacy

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ISBN-13: 9789863507185
Published: January 2024

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432 pages
  • About the Book
  • This edited volume is intended to showcase the breadth and depth of the collaborative intellectual enterprise that the Asian Barometer Survey (ABS) network has built up over the past two decades. To commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the ABS, we invited ABS partners to contribute their intellectual findings to this edited volume. Except for the introduction, this volume consists of twenty-seven chapters divided into two sections. The first part of the book contains eleven chapters that are based on previously published studies and are updated based on the latest ABS data. The second part of the book focuses on issues specific to each country or autonomous territory and consists of sixteen chapters. Among the topics discussed are potential threats to third-wave democracies, evolving ideology in one-party states, cases of denied democracy, and peculiar challenges faced by long-term democracies. The contributors are the indispensable partners that have made the ABS possible over the past two decades. In addition to celebrating the long-term collective efforts of those who participated in the ABS project, this edited volume also sets out to address the ongoing debate over the future of democracy in Asia.

  • About the Author(s)
    • Yun-han Chu, Editor

      Yun-han Chu was Distinguished Research Fellow in the Institute of Political Science at Academia Sinica and Professor of Political Science at National Taiwan University. He was the founder of the Asian Barometer Survey and specialized in the politics of Greater China, East Asian political economy, and democratization. He also served on the editorial board of several journals and was the author and editor of more than fifteen books.
    • Yu-tzung Chang, Editor

      Yu-tzung Chang is the Director of Fu Hu Center for Democratic Studies and Professor of Political Science at National Taiwan University. He is currently the co-principal investigator of the Asian Barometer Survey. He studies democratization, electoral politics, and the political economy of East Asia.
    • Min-hua Huang, Editor

      Min-hua Huang is Professor in the Department of Political Science at the College of Social Sciences in National Taiwan University and the Principal Investigator of the Asian Barometer Survey. He specializes in the politics of China, democratic legitimacy, methodology, and democratization.
    • Kai-Ping Huang, Editor

      Kai-Ping Huang is Associate Professor of Political Science at National Taiwan University. Her research interests include party systems, formal institutions, and democratization focusing on East and Southeast Asia.