Hong Kong: The Anthropology of a Chinese Metropolis

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ISBN-13: 9780824820053
Published: July 1997

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352 pages
  • About the Book
  • Hong Kong has become a by-word for all that is modern and sparkling in Asia today.Yet tourist brochures still play with the old cliche of Hong Kong as a place where ‘East meets West’. Images of so-called ‘traditional’ China, junks sailing Victoria Harbour or old women praying to gods in smoky temples, mingle with those portraying Hong Kong as a consumer and business paradise.This collection of essays attempts to transcend the old polarities. It looks at modern Hong Kong in all its splendour and diversity in the run-up to its re-absorption into Greater China through the mediums of film, food, architecture, rumors and slang.It explores the question of a distinct, modern Chinese identity in Hong Kong, and even when it explores the traditional stamping ground of the older anthropology in the New Territories it finds a dramatically changed context, in particular for women.This collection presents an intriguing insight into the process of transition from ‘tradition’ to ‘modernity’ in this Modern Chinese Metropolis.

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    • Grant Evans, Editor

    • Maria Tam, Editor

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    • "A lively and interesting collection that has much to offer both area scholars and cultural anthropologists in general." —American Anthropologist

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