Heidegger and Asian Thought

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ISBN-13: 9780824813123
Published: September 1987
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ISBN-13: 9780824810641
Published: September 1987

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292 pages
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  • “In 12 excellent essays by scholars East and West, this collection explores the many dimensions of Heidegger's relation to Eastern thinking…. Because of the quality of the contributions, the eminence of the many contributors… this volume must be considered an indispensable reference on the subject. Highly recommended.” —Choice.

  • About the Author(s)
    • Graham Parkes, Editor

      Born and raised in Glasgow, Graham Parkes was educated at Oxford and the University of California, Berkeley. He taught Asian and comparative philosophy at the University of Hawai‘i for twenty-five years, punctuated by three years as a visiting scholar and fellow at Harvard. After a period as Professor of Philosophy at the National University of Ireland, he moved to Austria, where he is Professorial Research Fellow in Philosophy at the University of Vienna. He has also been a visiting professor at universities in Europe, China, Japan, and Singapore.

      In addition to books, he has published over a hundred journal articles and book chapters on topics in Chinese, Japanese, and European thought, as well as environmental philosophy, aesthetics and the philosophy of art. His latest book is How to Think about the Climate Crisis: A Philosophical Guide to Saner Ways of Living (Bloomsbury, 2021), and his website is at grahamparkes.net.

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