Hawaii Nei: Island Plays

Hardback: $75.00
ISBN-13: 9780824859022
Published: June 2016
Paperback: $24.00
ISBN-13: 9780824825393
Published: August 2002

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256 pages
  • About the Book
  • Hawaii Nei brings together three plays by one of Hawaii's finest playwrights. A compassionate portrait of early nineteenth- century Hawaii, “The Conversion of Kaahumanu” charts the lives of five women during the traumatic, transforming events that followed Western contact. Set in post-World War II Hawaii, “Emmalehua” tells the story of a young Hawaiian woman struggling to preserve a cherished cultural heritage in a world eager to forget the past and embrace the new American dream. Through history, humor, and a whodunnit plot, the past and present collide in “Ola Na Iwi,” which explores the issues surrounding the treatment of indigenous human remains.

  • About the Author(s)
    • Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl, Author

      Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl is a well-known Honolulu playwright and writer. Her work has been performed in Hawai`i and elsewhere in the Pacific, the continental United States, Britain, and Asia. She is currently the writer and coproducer for the television series Biography Hawaiʻi.
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