Green Jobs and Green Skills in a Brown Philippine Economy

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Published: July 2013

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272 pages
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  • Green Jobs and Green Skills in a Brown Philippine Economy is Dr. Rene Ofreneo’s contribution to a multicountry global study on the skills and education dimensions of the greening processes in the global economy organized by the International Labour Office and the UN Environmental Programme.

    As the Philippines is faced with two environmental tasks, i.e., to minimize the adverse impact of climate change (through mitigation and adaptation programs) and to restore its heavily degraded environment, communities and industries are encouraged to create more green jobs through the emerging green sectors (e.g., renewable energy, recycling, reforestation, etc.).

    This book shows how a green alignment of education and training activities can support the level and skills requirements of green/er industries, as reflected in the case studies of a copper smelter, a fast-food chain, a bioethanol plant, and an organic agriculture farm.

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    • Rene O. Ofreneo, Author

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