Fundamentals of Japanese Grammar: Comprehensive Acquisition

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ISBN-13: 9780824831769
Published: December 2007

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416 pages
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  • This extensive and thorough explanation of crucial Japanese grammar in English is the culmination of years of teaching and research. Informed by the work of eminent linguist Susumu Kuno, Fundamentals of Japanese Grammar is designed for students who have studied basic Japanese grammar and wish to better organize their knowledge and expand it in greater depth and at a higher level. Its organization presents a holistic picture of Japanese grammar for the benefit of learners and is distinctive in that grammar items are reorganized in terms of specific grammatical categories, such as particles, te-form compounds, dictionary-form compounds, stem-form compounds, passive constructions, conditional sentences, and so forth. The author offers a thorough discussion of various pragmatic constraints illustrated with sample sentences, dialogues, and essays that aid in understanding the structure and use of the language from a cultural perspective.

    Given its comprehensive treatment, this accessible grammar will appeal to anyone involved or interested in the Japanese language. It will be especially effective as a text in courses on Japanese linguistics and pedagogical syntax and a valuable source of Japanese grammar for linguists and educators as well as researchers in Japan-related fields.

  • About the Author(s)
    • Yuki Johnson, Author

      Yuki Johnson is associate professor of Japanese linguistics and undergraduate program coordinator in the Department of East Asian Studies, University of Toronto.
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