Ferns of Hawai`i

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ISBN-13: 9780824816407
Published: June 1995

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112 pages
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  • A fern-lover once wrote: “If you wish to know ferns you must follow them.” Hawaiʻi, with approximately two hundred species of ferns and fern allies, is the ideal place to begin the journey, and Ferns of Hawaiʻi the ideal guide. Written for those who wish to become followers of these delightfully subtle plants, this introductory work begins with a description of Hawaiʻi’s ferns and their ecology. Sections on where to find ferns, their use by Hawaiians, and common, Hawaiian, and scientific names are provided. With the aid of color and black and white photographs, naturalist Kathy Valier describes more than sixty of the most common ferns growing wild in Hawaiʻi, from the tiny water fern azolla to the wiry masses of the scrambling uluhe. Information on habitat and distribution accompanies each description.

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    • Kathy Valier, Author

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