Chinese Business in Malaysia: Accumulation, Accommodation, and Ascendance

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ISBN-13: 9780824821654
Published: March 1999

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288 pages
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  • Chinese capital in Malaysia appears to have reasonable prospects for further growth in the immediate future. A review of the literature on Chinese business in Malaysia would indicate that although all studies acknowledge the dominant role of Chinese capital in the economy, there is a dearth of in-depth empirical research on its mode of development and styles of operation. This study, which covers the period from colonial times to the present day, fills that gap by identifying key issues pertaining to Chinese business operations in Malaysia: ownership and control patterns; style of growth; relations with the state, politicians, and other Chinese businessmen; and the manner of development of business abroad, at the same time debunking the theory that large-scale Chinese capital is not very entrepreneurial in nature.

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    • Edmund Terence Gomez, Author

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