Chamorro-English Dictionary

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ISBN-13: 9780824803537
Published: April 1980

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368 pages
  • About the Book
  • The Chamorro-English Dictionary provides an alphabetical listing of as many Chamorro words as could be collected, spelled according to the principles adopted by the Marianas Orthography Committee in February 1971. Each word is given a fairly comprehensive definition in English, and, in many cases, sample sentences have been included to illustrate usages in context. Cross-references are provided among Chamorro words that are semantically related. An English-Chamorro finder list, based on selected words in the English definitions, is also provided.

  • About the Author(s)
    • Donald M. Topping, Author

      Donald M. Topping is professor of linguistics and director of the Social Science Research Institute at the University of Hawaii. He conducted research on Chamorro in the Mariana Islands, and served as consultant to the Chamorro Bilingual Education projects on Guam and Rota. Dr. Topping is also the author of Chamorro Reference Grammar, and Spoken Chamorro.
    • Pedro M. Ogo, Author

      Pedro M. Ogo is a native speaker of the Rota dialect of Chamorro and the principal of the Rota Elementary and High School, Rota, M.I.
    • Bernadita C. Dungca, Author

      Bernadita C. Dungca is a native speaker of the Guam dialect of Chamorro and an assistant professor of Bilingual Education, University of Guam.
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