Aukele the Fearless

Paperback: $11.99
ISBN-13: 9780824814458
Published: August 1992

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80 pages
  • About the Book
  • The story of Aukele, a Polynesian folk hero, recounts the adventures of a young chief who sails for an unknown land, undertakes a perilous quest, and overcomes formidable opponents. Along the way he encounters horrible monsters and evil creatures, and he must contend with his ten resentful, jealous brothers. Aukele, who slew Halulu-the-evil-one and took a sorceress wife; Aukele, who learned to fly to Thunder God and to Moon God; Aukele, the legendary hero who was saved by Rat Maiden and Lizard Maiden, is truly daring and fearless. In spite of his magical prowess, Aukele, as Vivian Thompson presents him, is a very human, understandable, and likable fellow. Elly Tepper's illustrations reflect the power, pathos, and humor of Aukele and the other colorful characters in this Hawaiian tale.

  • About the Author(s)
    • Vivian L. Thompson, Author

      Vivian L. Thompson, a long-time resident of Hawaii, heard her first Hawaiian legend from a guide on a mule-back trip during a visit to the Big Island of Hawaii. This sparked her interest and soon after she began collecting and retelling Hawaii's many tales and legends, hoping to preserve a rapidly disappearing heritage of folklore. Her many years of research in the subject have led to the publication of five books of Hawaiian myths, legends, and tales beautifully retold for today's readers; picture storybooks for young children; and plays for children's theater.
    • Elly Tepper, Illustrator

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