Art and Performance in Oceania

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Published: December 1999

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324 pages | illus.
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  • The Fifth International Symposium of the Pacific Arts Association, titled “Art, Performance, and Society,” called for papers in sessions dealing with “Production and Performance,” “Social and Cultural Context,” “The Record and the Remainder,” and “The Mission of Museums.” In all, some sixty papers were presented, twenty-four of which have been included in this book.

    The first two topics elicited several papers that explored the creative process, including the description and analysis of performance, and the taxonomy of objects used, the transmission of cultural knowledge, and the identity and work of individual artists. The second two topics provided the opportunity for papers on some significant early museum collectors and collections, various methods of documenting cultural material (such as photography), how cultural material has been and can be exhibited, and the role of museums and cultural centers in Pacific Island countries.

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    • Barry Craig, Editor

    • Bernie Kernot, Editor

    • Christopher Anderson, Editor

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