Korean Classics Library: Philosophy and Religion

The Korean Classics Library is a publication series coordinated by the Center for Buddhist Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). The series publishes annotated English translations of some of the most important and influential classics of the Korean tradition. The Library is comprised of two separate series: “Philosophy and Religion” and “Historical Materials.” Both include translations of seminal works from the Three Kingdoms through modern periods. The “Philosophy and Religion” series includes texts drawn from a range of Korean religious traditions, including Buddhism, Confucianism/Neo-Confucianism, Tonghak and popular religion, geomancy, and indigenous prophecy. “Historical Materials” includes a wide range of texts relevant to the study of Korean history, including memorabilia, travel records, historical documents embedded in literary collections, Korean seasonal customs, and women’s lives. Each book includes extensive scholarly apparatus and a lengthy framing introduction written by the translator, which discusses the importance of the text and its author and situates the work in its historical and cultural contexts. Many of the translations in the Korean Classics Library are the first to appear in any language, including modern Korean. Preparation of the translations is made possible by generous grants from the Korean Studies Promotion Service at the Academy of Korean Studies, with funding provided by the Department of Education of the Republic of Korea.

Philosophy and Religion

Editor: Robert E. Buswell, Jr., University of California, Los Angeles

Editorial Board:
Donald Baker, University of British Columbia
John B. Duncan, University of California, Los Angeles
Sun Joo Kim, Harvard University
Namhee Lee, University of California, Los Angeles
James B. Lewis, Oxford University
A. Charles Muller, Tokyo University
Young-chan Ro, George Mason University
Kenneth R. Robinson, International Christian University, Tokyo
Edward Shultz, University of Hawai‘i, Mānoa