Insects of Hawaii

The Insects of Hawaii series was conceived as a comprehensive taxonomic treatment of the Hawaiian insect fauna. With more than 5,000 native arthropod species already described and many more awaiting discovery, this vast undertaking required the collaborative efforts of systematists specializing in all components of the class. We have created an editorial board that reflects this diversity of experience. Board members will develop and recruit new projects for the series and will review the scientific content of manuscripts submitted. In view of the efforts required to reach the goal of completely describing Hawaii’s entomofauna, the board invites inquiries from specialists interested in preparing monographs for groups in need of revision. Currently, volumes 1, 16, and 17 are in print.

James K. Liebherr, Cornell University
Taxonomic Editors:
Rosemary G. Gillespie, University of California, Berkeley (Arachnida)
Dan A. Polhemus, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. (Hemiptera)
Manfred Asche, Humboldt Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin (Homoptera)
James K. Liebherr, Cornell University (Coleoptera)
Scott E. Miller, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. (Lepidoptera)
Neal L. Evenhuis, Bernice P. Bishop Museum, Honolulu (Diptera)
David B. Wahl, American Entomological Institute, Gainesville (Hymenoptera)