Azalea: Journal of Korean Literature & Culture, vol. 4 (2011)

Azalea 4, cover image
David R. McCann
Editor’s Note, 7

Writer in Focus: Gong Jiyoung

Gong Jiyoung
The Key, 11

Gong Jiyoung
Excerpt from The Crucible, 41

Bruce and Ju-Chan Fulton, and Soohyun Chang
Interview with Gong Jiyoung, 71

Special Feature: Sijo

David R. McCann
Karam and the Revitalization of the Sijo in Korean and English, 161

Seven Sijo Poems by Cho Oh-hyun, 169

Father’s Garden by Park Kwon-Suk, 177

Contemporary Sijo Translations
Yi Pyŏnggi, Yi Ŭnsang, Kim Sang-ok, Cho Un, Yi Ho-u, Yi Yŏngdo, Ko Un, Ch’oe Sŭngbŏm, Chŏng Wanyŏng, Song Sun-young, Ryu Jae-young, Min Byeong-do, Lee Jeong-hwan, Chung Soo-ja, Hong Sung-ran, Lee Dalgyun, Park Sun-yang, 193

English Sijo Poems, United States
Creasy Clauser, Taylor Edwards, Sarah Chen Sean Alaniz, Jordan Levenstein, Kayee Gallup, Mary Liza Hartong, 219

English Sijo Poems, South Korea
Kim Eun Su, Cho Hye Ryeong, Cho Ki Woong, 223


Five Poems by Kim Sa-in
Cosmos Flower, Someone Who Makes a Bridge Feel Lonely, Springtime Sea, A Flower, Rice Cake, 77

Five Poems by Chung Ho-seung
spring road, to the daffodil, I am sorry, at the cease-fire line, on which star, 153

Five Poems by Moon Tae-jun
One Breath, Extreme Emptiness, Silent Word, Bare Foot, At a River Village at Dusk, 247


Kim Hoon
Change of Life, 83

Kang Youngsook
Excerpts from Rina, 125

Kim Ae-ran
Christmas Specials, 225

Another Perspective on Yi Sang

John M. Frankl
Between Memory and Prediction: Recasting a Mountain Village in Yi Sang’s “Ennui”, 253

Yi Sang
Ennui, 261

Another Perspective on Yi Kwang-su

Ellie Choi
Selections from Yi Kwang-su’s Early Writings, 1909-1922, 277

Jooyeon Rhee
On “The Value of Literature” and “What Is Literature?”, 283

Yi Kwang-su
The Value of Literature, 287

Yi Kwang-su
What Is Literature?, 293

John Whittier Treat
Introduction to Yi Kwang-su’s “Maybe Love”, 315

Yi Kwang-su
Maybe Love, 321

Ellie Choi
Introduction to “From Tokyo to Seoul” and “Record of Travels in the Diamond Mountains”, 329

Yi Kwang-su
From Tokyo to Seoul, 337

Yi Kwang-su
Excerpt from “Record of Travels in the Diamond Mountains”, 347

Image Index, 351

Notes on Contributors, 353