Azalea: Journal of Korean Literature & Culture, vol. 7 (2014)

Azalea7_cover_blogDavid R. McCann
Editor’s Note, 9

Special Feature: Contemporary Korean American Writing

Guest Editors: Heinz Insu Fenkl and Minsoo Kang

Heinz Insu Fenkl
Introduction, 13

Minnow Park
Lessons from My Grandfather, 19

Karla Kim
Our Missing Half, 23

Gary Pak
Excerpt from Brothers Under a Same Sky, 27

Yongsoo Park
Excerpt from Boy Genius, 37

Kalliope Lee
Excerpt from Sunday Girl, 49

Thomas Lee
Supernova, 57

Alice Sola Kim
Hwang’s Billion Brilliant Daughters, 71

Marie Myung-Ok Lee
Into the Future, 81

Angela Mi Young Hur
Excerpt from Folklorn, 91

Christine Hyung-Oak Lee
Frank & Jindori, 107

Minsoo Kang

Janice Lee
Condemned to Look, 143

Alexander Chee
Saint Korea 1839, 153

Ed Bok Lee
Ultimate Spiritual Intelligence Test: Version 5.1, 155

Ji Lee
Mysterabbit, 161


Kim Uchang and Karatani Kojin
Moderated by Noma Hideki
On East Asian Civilization, Past and Present, 165


Jeon Seong-tae
Chinese Fireworks, 193

Joh Hyun
The Elegant Philosophy of the Paper Napkin, 209

Kim Nam-il
Excerpt from Ch’a Sang-mun, the Genius Rabbit, 225

Flash Fiction in Korea

Bruce Fulton
Introduction, 251

Ch’oe Su-ch’ŏl
Mouth to Mouth, 255

Ch’oe Yun
10:55, 259

Kim Sagwa
SF, 263

Kim T’ae-yong
To the End of the Hall, 265

Han Yujoo
Snow Falling on Leakage, 269


Kim Ki-taek
Face, A Hunchback, A Tiger, A Crack, Chewing Gum, 271

Jin Eun-young
Long Fingers’ Poem, A Dictionary Made of Seven Words, Gogh, Melancholia, Disorderly Stories, 277

Special Feature: David R. McCann: Five Decades with Korean Poetry, from Andong to Cambridge

Young-Jun Lee
Interview with David R. McCann, 285

David R. McCann
Five Poems and an Essay: Cheju Island Poet Ko Un, Not This Stick, Morning Light Seoul, 1974, Strange Reckoning, The Poet’s House in Seoul, 307

Control as Modern in Sowŏl’s “Azaleas” (essay), 323

Another Perspective

Jack Saebyok Jung
Paradise Lost, a Translator’s Note, 335

Yi Sang
Paradise Lost, 341

Heinz Insu Fenkl
Kuunmong, a Translator’s Note, 357

A Ghost Story
An Excerpt from Kuunmong, 364

Image Index, 384

Notes on Contributors

Contributors, 386