Azalea: Journal of Korean Literature & Culture, vol. 6 (2013)

Azalea cover vol. 6
David R. McCann
Editor’s Note, 7

Special Feature: Contemporary Korean Science Fiction

Haerin Shin
The Curious Case of South Korean Science Fiction: A Hyper-Technological Society’s Call for Speculative Imagination, 81

Kim Kyung-uk
Young Hearts Never Grow Old, 87

Kim Jung-hyuk
1F/B1, 111

Park Min-gyu
Road Kill, 135

Bae Myung Hoon
Art and the Acceleration of Gravity, 157

Han Yujoo
Is It Gravitation? Is It Repulsion?, 179


Kim Young Jin
Hong Gildong P’ilsabon



Koh Jongsok
Excerpts from Tokko Chun, 13

Seo Hajin
At the Gunwale, 51

Special Feature: Hong Gildong

Minsoo Kang
Introduction to the Story of Hong Gildong, 221
The Story of Hong Gildong, 229

Minsoo Kang
Introduction to Shin Dong Wu’s Hong Gildong, 325

Shin Dong Wu
Comics: Hong Gildong, 328


Moon In-soo
Five Poems, 45
(The Restaurant Chair; The Moon Drum; The Utmost End; The Lighthouse; Umbilical Cord)

Ko Hyŏng-ryŏl
Five Poems, 75
(Love; Like a Peng; No-Coverage Zone; To Poem That’s In No Way Quiet; By All Means, Grow Old Like Tree Roots! Self-portrait)

Choi Young-mi
Five Poems, 199
(11 O’Clock Sunday Morning; Dreams of Four Seasons; Seoul, June 2008; In the Subway: Yellow October; To Pigs)

2012 Sejong Writing Competition

Sijo Division Winners, 389
Winners, Hollister Rhone, Mary Liza Hartong, Alice Ra

Korean Literature from the Outside

Mo Yan
After Reading Selected Short Stories of South Chosŏn, 209

Another Perspective

David R. McCann
Kim Chi Ha’s Messed-Up Poems, 357

Rob Wilson
Waking to Global Capitalism in Seoul: Situating Korean Studies in the World, 371

Image Index, 391

Notes on Contributors

Contributors, 392