Azalea: Journal of Korean Literature & Culture, vol. 5 (2012)

Azalea 5, cover image
David R. McCann
Editor’s Note, 7

Writer in Focus: Kim Aeran

Kim Aeran
Flugdatenschreiber, 11
Mouthwatering, 33
Pit-a-pat, My Life, 59

Jamie Chang
Interview with Kim Aeran, 79


Choi Ho-Cheol
Cartoons: Images of Seoul

Ryu Myeong-sik


Park Chansoon
Lip Sync, 93

Park Hyoung-Su
Wings, 121

Cheon Myeong-Kwan
Frank and I, 151


Kim Un
Five Poems, 83
(On the Snake; Meeting; Helen, What Do You Hear?; I Haven’t Seen a More Certain Reason Than This; A Geometrical Life)

Kim Kyung-Ju
Five Poems, 113
(The Blooming Public Phone; Mother Still Wears Flowery Underwear; A Strange Tale; The Hole; Chronicle)

Sin Yongmok
Five Poems, 143
(Inside the Glass Door of the Seongnae-dong Clothing Repairs; The Apartment Dweller; The Birds’ Peru; A Flowerpot; A Butterfly Goes to a Butterfly)

Hwang Byeong-Seung
Five Poems, 173
(Coming Out; Sikoku, the Man Dressed as Woman; Her Face Is a Battlefield; Two Stillborn Hearts; Fish Song)

Jin Eun-young
Five Poems, 269
(Spring Has Come; My Beautiful Laundrette; There’s No Forgetting; Ophelia; All These Things)

Kim Min-Jeong
Five Poems, 307
(Unexpected Effect; Minjong’s Mom, Hagi’s Mom; Not Knowing Well; Not Ugly, but Hideous; A Happiness Called Harm)

Special Feature

Peter H. Lee
Love Lyrics in Late Middle Korean, 200

On Cinema

Josie Sohn
A Day in the Life of Kubo the Film Critic, 279

Another Perspective:

John M. Frankl
Leveling the Metropole: Awakening and Disillusionment in Yi Sang’s “Tokyo”, 315

Yi Sang
Tokyo, 338

Dafna Zur
Children’s Literature in Late Colonial Korea, 346

Hyŏn Tŏk
The Sky, 355

Notes on Contributors

Contributors, 370