Azalea: Journal of Korean Literature & Culture, vol. 3 (2010)

Azalea 3, cover imageDavid R. McCann
Editor’s Note, 5

Writer in Focus: Haïlji

Excerpt from The Statement, 9

Excerpt from The Užupis Republic, 35

Minsoo Kang and Bruce and Ju-Chan Fulton
Interview with Haïlji, 55

Excerpts from “Author’s Note” in From the Crossroads to the Racetrack (Kyŏngmajang ŭn negŏri esŏ), 1991, 65


Pyun Hye-Young
The First Anniversary, 97

Han Kang
Excerpt from The Vegetarian, 117

Gong Sun Ok
The Cheerful Night Road, 171

Yun Young-su
Secret Lover, 191

Special Feature: Poems by Ki Hyŏng-do

Family on the Brink, 1969; White Night; The Black Leaf in My Mouth; Sleet; Sounds 1; Blue Paper Covered with Dust; Grass; Flower; The Wind Leads Me in Your Direction; Put Badly; Fog; Dead Cloud, 79

Another Perspective

Peter H. Lee
The Road to Ch’unhyang: A Reading of the Song of the Chaste Wife Ch’unhyang, 257

On Cinema

Kyung Hyun Kim
Death, Eroticism, and Virtual Nationalism in the Films of Hong Sangsoo, 135


Kim Hyesoon
The Horizon; Flu; Starfish; Seoul, Kora; Sand Woman; In the Oxymoronic World (essay), 241

Korea from the Outside

Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio
Extreme east, Extreme west (an historico-dream poem); Unjusa, Autumn Rain, 69


Portraits, 8, 68, 134, 170, 250

Photographs, 34, 64, 78, 116

Atta Kim
Photographs, 193

Image Index, 377

Notes on Contributors, 379