Azalea: Journal of Korean Literature & Culture, vol. 2 (2008)

Azalea 2, cover imageDavid R. McCann
Editor’s Note, 7

Writer in Focus: Shin Kyung Sook

Shin Kyung Sook
The Strawberry Field, 11

Gabriel Sylvian
Interview with Shin Kyung Sook, 53


Eun Hee Kyung
Beauty Looks Down on Me, 201

Jo Kyung Ran
My Purple Sofa, 233

Cheon Woon Young
Needle, 271

Pyun Hye-Young
To the Kennels, 307

Special Feature: Inside North Korea

Heinz Insu Fenkl
Inside North Korea, 73

looking in

graphic novel

Guy Delisle
Excerpt from Pyongyang, 77


Hyejin Kim
Excerpt from Jia, 95


Peter Sobolev
DPRK, May 2004, 134

from the inside

comic book

Cho Pyŏng-kwŏn & Rim Wal-yong
Excerpt from Great General Mighty Wing, 113


O Yŏng-jae
Oh, My Mother; Oh, My Mother—Her Voice, 149

Li Chong-dŏk
If I Truly Meet Mother Unexpectedly, Dandelions, 163

Chŏn Pyŏng-gu
Falling Persimmons, 193


Hong Sŏk-chung
Excerpt from Hwang Chin-i with an Introduction by Bruce Fulton, 153

Ch’oe Ryŏn
Make the Ocean Blue, 167

Another Perspective

David R. McCann
Korean Literature and Performance? Sijo!, 359

Yi Sang
Lingering Impressions of a Mountain Village—A Few Paragraphs from a Journal of Travels to Sŏngch’ŏn, 331

John M. Frankl
Marking Territory: Writing against Nation-based Identity in Yi Sang’s “Lingering Impressions of a Mountain Village”, 347


Chong Hyon-jong
Splendor—Buds, My Mind’s Ruin, This Time without Bottom or End, At Dawn, Unbearable, 195

Yi Seong-Bok
about time; that fall; South Sea, Silk Mountain; Music; excursion, 63

Jang Jung Il
Hiding in an Underpass, A Meditation on Hamburgers, The Cook and the Anorexic, Love in Germany, Catching a Taxi in Kiran, 253

Ra Hee-Duk
Death by exposure, Half moon, Flowers underground, Five minutes, A seven-year-old reading, 325

Korea from the Outside

Yu Hua
Korea’s Eyes, 377


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Notes on Contributors, 390