Global Asias: Method, Architecture, Praxis

Tina Chen and Charlotte Eubanks, series editors

The Global Asias MAP book series publishes volumes that explore the epistemic challenges posed by Global Asias as a conceptual approach to the study of Asia and its multiple diasporas. Drawing on work from three distinct interdisciplines—Asian studies, Asian American studies, and Asian Diaspora studies—the series stages intellectual exchanges between and across disciplines and fields to reimagine scholarly knowledge production about the fundamentally transnational and global nature of Asia-focused worlds and epistemologies.

Building on the award-winning work of the journal Verge: Studies in Global Asias, Global Asias MAP publishes innovative work that challenges the institutional practices that disarticulate scholarly analysis of Asia from study of Asia’s multiple diasporas. The series promotes Global Asias as a conceptual approach that draws on the methods, vocabularies, and priorities of critical race and ethnic studies to unsettle the assumptions of Asian studies while, in parallel fashion, leveraging Asian studies’ attentiveness to questions of place, regional awareness, and linguistic expertise to discomfit Asian American Studies’ tendency to reinforce the US-centrism of concepts governing the Asian diaspora. By bringing area studies and ethnic studies into non-aligned relation, the books in this series advance Global Asias as an emergent and developing method, architecture, and praxis.

Please visit Global Asias MAP here for more information on the series and on submitting a book proposal.

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