Confucian Cultures

Roger T. Ames and Peter D. Hershock, series editors

This series is committed to exploring how and to what extent contemporary Confucian culture may be a force for challenging and changing the international order. At the same time, it is interested in raising critical questions retrospectively about the contributions and failings of Confucianism in its long history as a pan-Asian phenomenon, as well as prospectively about the globalization of Confucian values in response to contemporary global dynamics.

Translations of seminal works in Confucian cultures from Asian language sources and critical research on Confucianism by scholars outside Asian traditions will be key elements. Moreover, the series welcomes scholarship that looks at Confucianism through a range of disciplinary lenses, including literary, anthropological, and historical perspectives, and those that are philosophical and religious. Finally, the series is committed to publishing works that explicitly place Confucian thought and cultures in conversation with other traditions.