Walking a Tightrope: Defending Human Rights in China

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ISBN-13: 9788776941314
Published: August 2014

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304 pages
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  • How do Chinese people defend human rights in China without going to jail? How can they seek justice without the state hitting back at them? The human rights situation in China is not without its challenges, but the last few decades have seen marked improvements. Even so, much of the international attention on the issue is focused on human rights violations and the suppression of dissent; it is rare to find accounts of people inside China working on human rights who are not being harassed or put into jail. In what is probably the first Western book to see the Chinese human rights issue solely from a Chinese perspective, Walking a Tightrope gives voice to nine Chinese human rights defenders, describing their challenges, setbacks, and progress—defending human rights, Chinese style.

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    • Gert Holmgaard Nielsen, Author

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