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ISSN: 1040-1385
Frequency: Annual

The Rapa Nui Journal (RNJ) is the official, peer-reviewed journal, of the Easter Island Foundation (EIF). The journal serves as a forum for interdisciplinary scholarship in the humanities and social sciences on Easter Island and the Eastern Polynesian region. Each issue may include Research Articles, Research Reports, Commentaries or Dialogues, Book or Media Reviews and EIF News.

RNJ welcomes contributions from a wide range of social, cultural, indigenous and historical disciplines on topics related to the lives and cultures of the peoples of Rapa Nui and Eastern Polynesia. Abstracts for articles may be published in English, Spanish, and Rapanui. We welcome submissions from scholars across Oceania, North and South America, and beyond.

All Easter Island Foundation members receive a print + online subscription to the Rapa Nui Journal. Your additional donation is greatly appreciated and will be officially acknowledged.

Manuscript submissions should be sent via e-mail to the Rapa Nui Journal editor, Dr. Mara A. Mulrooney at rapanuijournal@gmail.com.

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  • Author Guidelines
  • Rapa Nui Journal

    Guidelines for Authors

    The Rapa Nui Journal publishes articles in English on the archaeology, anthropology, ethnography and history of Easter Island and Eastern Polynesia. Each issue may include Research Articles, Research Reports, Commentaries or Dialogues, Book or Media Reviews and EIF News. Conference announcements are also welcomed. Article manuscripts are peer-reviewed, and should be 3000 to 9000 words in length. Reports, Review sand commentaries are not peer-reviewed, and should be 1000 to 6000 words in length.

    Abstracts for articles may be published in English, Spanish, and Rapanui. We welcome submissions from scholars across Oceania, North and South America, and beyond.

    Inquiries should be sent via e-mail to the Rapa Nui Journal editor, Dr. Mara A. Mulrooney at rapanuijournal@gmail.com.


    Submission and publication are normally free to contributors. Authors may be asked to contribute to production costs if their articles are exceptionally long (over 10,000 words) or include more than 15 figures. The Rapa Nui Journal is printed in black and white, authors must be able to obtain subvention or cover production costs out of pocket if they wish to have color plates inserted in the printed journal. Color images may be submitted for display in the online version of the journal at no additional charge.

    Contributors who are not fluent in written, academic English are asked to have their work edited before submission by an independent copy-editor at their own cost. Having your manuscript independently edited does not guarantee that it will be accepted for publication, however. The Editors may also require that you have your text copy-edited after revisions following acceptance for publication.

    File Format and Manuscript structure

    Manuscripts should be double-spaced with margins of at least 1 inch (2.5 cm) on each side, and submitted as a single Microsoft Word (or similar) file with the following structure:

    1. Article title
    2. Author’s name(s) and contact details for publication
    3. Abstract
    4. Keywords 3-6
    5. Text
    6. Acknowledgements
    7. References
    8. Figures with captions
    9. Tables with captions

    Please do not embed graphics within the text of the document, rather append them to the end of the file. Plates and figures (including maps and graphs) should be as clear and simple as possible. Use uniform lettering on figures and ensure that the text on all figures accords with the Rapa Nui Journal’s text preparation guidelines below. Maps and plans must include an accurate scale and north arrow. If your paper is accepted for publication following the peer-revision process, you will be asked to provide separate high-resolution, publication-quality graphics. Resolution should be 300 dpi or higher and image dimensions should be either half-page width (2 1/2 in) or full-page width (5 in). Please keep this in mind when preparing your initial submission. Images may appear black & white in the printed issue. When provided, color images will appear online. Authors are responsible for obtaining copyright permissions for previously published imagery and other people’s photographs and illustrations.


    References in the text

    Use footnotes and endnotes sparingly. Indicate footnotes in the text by a bracketed number (e.g. “[Footnote 2]”). List the footnotes at the end of thetext of the manuscript.

    Please do not use passim, op. cit, ibid.

    Example in-text citations

    Type of reference Text citation Notes
    Single author (Hunt 2007:10)  
    Two authors (Bahn & Flenley 1992)  
    Three or more authors (Stevenson et al. 2006)  
    More than one work by same author (Hunt 2007, 2009)  
    More than one work by different authors (Stevenson et al. 2006; Hunt 2007) In chronological order
    More than one work by one author and different authors (Bahn & Flenley 1992; Hunt 2007, 2009) In chronological order
    Personal communication pers. comm.  

    Please ensure that all references cited in the text are included in the bibliography.

    References in the bibliography

    Full references should be listed alphabetically at the end of the paper. For detailed guidance please see the example references below.

    References with the same first author should be given in the following order: Sole-authored publications in chronological order, followed by those with one co-author (in chronological order), then those with 2 or moreco-authors (in chronological order).

    Use the minimum forms of page numbers, i.e. the shortest way one could speak the figures: 23-4, 13-14, 115-16, 200-201.

    Please ensure that all references listed in the bibliography are cited in the text.

    Example references

    Reference Type In-text citation Reference format Notes
    Book Bahn & Flenley 1992 Bahn, P.G. & J. Flenley. 1992. Easter Island EarthIsland. London: Thames and Hudson.  
    Book with a volume no. Scottsberg 1956 Scottsberg, C. 1956. The Natural History of Juan Fernandez and Easter Island. Volume 1. Uppsala: Almsquist and Wiksells.  
    Journal article Hunt 2007 Hunt, T.L. 2007. Rethinking the fall of Easter Island. American Scientist 94(5):415-419. Avoid abbreviations or acronyms
    Book chapter Wozniak 1998 Wozniak, J. 1998. Settlement patterns and subsistence on the northwest coast of Rapa Nui. In Easter Island in Pacific Context. South SeasSymposium. Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Easter Island and East Polynesia. C.M. Stevenson, G. Lee & F.J. Morin (eds.):161-175. Los Osos: Easter Island Foundation.  
    Edited book Kirch & Rallu 2007 Kirch, P.V. & J. Rallu. (eds.) 2007. The Growth and Collapse of Pacific Island Societies. Honolulu: University of Hawai‘i Press.  
    Book in a numbered series Buck 1957 Buck, P.H. (Te Rangi Hiroa). 1957. Arts and Crafts of Hawaii. B.P. Bishop Museum Special Publication 45. Honolulu: Bishop Museum (reprinted 1964).  
    Unpublished dissertation Ayres 1973 Ayres, W.S. 1973. The Cultural Context of Easter Island Religious Structures. Unpublished PhD Dissertation, Tulane University. Title is not in italics as it is unpublished
    Online publication Good 2008 Good, K. 2008. The 1958 Fuller Sonaband Recordings. Video Clip. http://sites.google.com/a/fieldmuseum.org/pacific-web Home/collections – collectors/fuller-tapes  
    Unpublished report Ayres n.d. Ayres, W.S. n.d. Calibrated radiocarbon dates from Easter Island. Unpublished manuscript on file with the author. Title is not in italics as it is unpublished
    Unpublished conference paper Love n.d. Love, C.M. n.d. The Easter Island cultural collapse. Paper presented at the VII International Conference on Easter Island and the Pacific, Gotland, Sweden, 2007.  
  • Editorial Board
  • Editor: Mara A. Mulrooney, Pacific Legacy, Inc., Hawai‘i, USA

    Editorial Board:

    Paul Bahn, United Kingdom
    Riet Delsing, Santiago, Chile
    Steven Roger Fischer, Auckland, New Zealand
    Paul Horley, CIMAV, Mexico
    Patrick V. Kirch, University of Hawai‘i-Manoa, USA
    Thegn N. Ladefoged, University of Auckland, New Zealand
    Peter Mills, University of Hawai‘i-Hilo, USA
    Cristián Moreno Pakarati, Ahirenga Historical Research, Rapa Nui, Chile
    Hilary Scothorn, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
    Christopher M. Stevenson, Virginia Commonwealth University, VA, USA
    Jo Anne Van Tilburg, UCLA Rock Art Archive, USA
    Helene Martinsson-Wallin, Uppsala University, Sweden
    Paul Wallin, Uppsala University, Sweden

    Founding Editor: Georgia Lee

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