Politics, Culture and Self: East Asian and North European Attitudes

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Published: April 2006

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320 pages
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  • Globalization may be undermining Kipling’s assertion that “East is East and West is West,” but arguably this is more in the realms of technological advances and consumer behavior than political culture. In the latter area, much is still made of the contrasts between Eastern culture (characterized by collectivism and belief in authority) and Western culture (characterized by individualism and belief in democracy). Such comfortable assumptions will be shattered by readers of Politics, Culture and Self.This volume indeed confirms that differences between East Asia and northern Europe do exist. However, it also points to major similarities (e.g., regarding social harmony and the role of the family in society) as well as significant contrasts mirrored within the two regions(e.g. concerning interpersonal and institutional trust).

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    • Geir Helgesen, Editor

      Until recently director of the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, Copenhagen, Geir Helgesen has long been engaged in the politics and culture of both Koreas, North and South. In his several publications on the subject, he has endeavored to reach beyond academia and engage with foreign-affairs practitioners directly.
    • Soren Risbjerg Thomsen, Editor

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